Cottey Business Student Shines in Internship at Federal Reserve Bank of St Louis

Landing a top-notch internship is never an easy feat, and for international students, residency restrictions can pose an extra hurdle. But Blessing Gandawa, a business administration and management major at Cottey and an international student, was determined to make it happen. Her persistence finally paid off with a summer internship at the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis and a horizon-expanding, career-building experience more than worth writing home about.
Gandawa’s quest to find the right internship began in August 2017, her junior year, when she started applying for positions in Nevada and Kansas City. Throughout the fall, she continued to apply at relevant firms — but no one was hiring. “By December, I’d almost given up hope,” she says.
Then, she decided to visit a friend in St. Louis for winter break. The Federal Reserve Bank’s website said it was closed to applications, but Gandawa’s friend suggested she give it a shot anyway — and apply in person. Gandawa made an appointment…

Strengthening the Bonds of Our Humanity

The flags at Cottey College recently flew at half-mast after another senseless shooting at the Tree of Life synagogue, and today we learn of a shooting at a yoga studio in Tallahassee. “Senseless” is a word we often use after one of these events because rational human beings can’t make sense of why calamities like this happen.
In light of recent mass shootings; natural disasters around the world in the form of hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, and tornadoes; hate-filled language bombarding us from all directions via news channels, social media, or as we drive down the street … I reach out to our community to remind us all that we must work to strengthen the bonds of our humanity, our bonds of kinship, and our bonds of mutual support and unity.
When the world seems out of control, we must look for those areas in which we can have an impact. Part of what makes us human is the desire to love and be loved, to respect and be respected, to listen and to be listened to. One of the first and…

Dr. Nancy Kohn Joins Cottey’s Biology Department

Do salamanders have social lives? Do they remember? Do they learn? Do they ever invite the whole extended family over for an old-fashioned salamander shindig?

Cottey’s newest biology professor can answer all those questions — and more. Dr. Nancy Kohn’s expertise lies in animal social behavior and cognition, and how their social interactions impact learning and memory.

Dr. Kohn is especially knowledgeable about the red-backed salamander, since she studied with one of the world’s foremost researchers on salamander behavior: Dr. Robert Jaeger. Together with a few of her colleagues, Dr. Kohn co-authored a book with Dr. Jaeger that summarizes his lab’s fifty years of research.

“I was his last graduate student,” Dr. Kohn says. As his retirement drew near, colleagues urged Dr. Jaeger to write a book. Dr. Kohn volunteered to help make it happen. “And the organization of the book happened on his front porch.”

Published by Oxford University press in 2016, Behavioral Ecology of the Eastern Red-B…

Cottey Friends Lift Each Other Up

by Tracy Hass Cordova ‘04

In early January of 2009, Clare Wade-Callihan ’64 prepared to do what no parent should have to do – say farewell to her child. Clare’s daughter, Tanya, who was diagnosed with endometrial cancer was losing her battle, and Clare’s mother’s cancer was in remission. Clare turned to Cottey to try and reconnect with an alumna during this difficult time. To fully appreciate the random events that were to soon unfold, one must start at the beginning of Clare’s story.

Clare was born in Huntsville, Missouri, a small town of about 700; she attended school all 12 years in the same building. The year she was born, both her mother and grandmother added Clare to the Cottey student list.

“I was from a P.E.O. lineage. It was never a question where I was going to go. We looked at [Cottey] as a second-rate school until I got there. It really was an amazing thing.”

Quickly Clare realized her schooling was not on par with Cottey’s academics. Having never had to study before, she f…

Cottey's New Brand

by Stephen Dill
Special Assistant to the President for Marketing

What is a brand?
The brand of a company, team, organization, or country is the impression that organization wants people to have when they hear the company name, see its logo, or experience its products, services, or culture. That brand impression can be factual as well as emotional. Over time, the brand becomes associated with brand attributes of credibility, quality, value, and customer satisfaction.

Brands change to appeal to new generations or to reflect new directions for the company it represents. Brand can be expressed in imagery, language, a slogan, colors, fonts, and sounds.

Why the new Cottey brand?
When Dr. Jann Weitzel assumed the role as president of Cottey College she heard over and over that the institution was a “best-kept secret.” She didn’t want Cottey to be a secret – the time had come to let the world know about this remarkable institution.

The design firm of Geile/Leon in St. Louis was commissioned to de…

Cottey Student Named a Newman Civics Fellow

Cottey College student Jemimah Nasara is one of 268 students named as a 2018 Newman Civics Fellows. Newman Civics Fellows are chosen by Campus Compact, a Boston-based non-profit organization. Nasara will participate in a one-year experience emphasizing personal, professional, and civic growth.

Nasara, a native of Nigeria, is double majoring in business administration-management and organizational leadership. Pursing her desire to affect change for women and children through interfaith service, Nasara is an active volunteer leader on and off campus. Her service has included collection and distribution of donated clothing and toiletries to local women and children. Each Friday, she visits elderly women in a local senior care facility and volunteers to provide activities on the weekend through the campus Cross-Generational Sharing program. During summer and winter breaks, Nasara has provided leadership for interfaith community programs in Kansas, Nebraska and Kentucky working with underp…

Field Trips Offer a Fresh Perspective on Tourism

“Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints” is the classic advice for being a respectful traveler. But what does that really mean?
The ‘Sustainable Tourism’ class, taught by anthropology professor Dr. Sarah Quick, works on answering that question. The topic at hand: the environmental and social impact of travel and tourism. Students don’t just explore these issues in the classroom; the course incorporates a number of field trips, where they can apply their lessons through experience. These field trips also give Cottey students an opportunity to explore some fascinating local and regional spots!
‘Sustainable Tourism’ challenges students to ask questions such as: “What are the environmental, cultural, social, and economic consequences of this industry?” “As the tourism industry strives to become eco-friendly and ‘sustainable,’ exactly who and what is being sustained?” In spirited class discussions, students draw on their own experiences as travelers — and think about what …