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Cottey Business Students Take Over Operations of Campus Snack Bar

Members of the Cottey College business club Enactus have taken their education way beyond book-learning–they run a business! Led by students Allyson Williams and Karlie Acton, a team of future business professionals have taken over the operation of the campus snack bar, The Chellie Club. Seniors Allyson Williams (left) and Karlie Acton led Enactus members to take over the operations of the Chellie Club.             Getting to the point where the students could even propose managing the Chellie Club required an entrepreneurial effort as well. Dr. Tammy Ogren, assistant professor of business-management, took students on a field trip to Kansas City to visit different startup companies.             “Students expressed the fact that they didn't feel like they had hands on business experience at Cottey,” said Acton. “She [Ogren] saw a need and decided to fix it by starting Enactus.”             “Enactus is a national organization for students that supports entrepreneurism in